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Pati Francia

Since her childhood, Pati  has been surrounded by decoration and design. Her passion for decoration comes from family tradition as her family has been importing furniture importation and working in interior design for more than 30 years.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Event Organization, in 2010 she started working on her own as an independent designer and decorator for weddings and events. Since then she organises, coordinates and decorates weddings and events alongside a multidisciplinary team.

Over time, motivated by the couples who started to ask her for help in decorating their homes and businesses, she started carrying out  interior design and decoration projects for homes, restaurants and shops. 

Thanks to her travels, Pati Francia has explored different parts of the world and has become imbued in the art and craft of different cultures. In this way, she has developed her own style in which she fuses her own culture and mediterranean origins with a mixture of boho, ethnic, nordic and natural styles, creating a bespoke magical atmosphere in all her events.


Exclusiveness: We want each project to be unique. We offer a fully personalized service which enables us to create unique and exclusive environments.

Attention to detail: We are perfectionists, we take care of every detail to guarantee overall excellent results and ensure that all objectives are met on time.

Inspiration: We recall the cultures and environments of the world by adding our “Mediterranean Soul” to our projects and always looking for a balance with the taste of the client.

Furniture of the World: All the pieces we select both for interiors and events, are unique and take us on a trip to different international cultures and styles

Minimalism: In our projects we include few but high quality furniture. Our furniture that transmits a message and a story behind it.

Sustainability: We look for sustainable solutions. In our catalogue you will find fair trade pieces of furniture, handcrafted and made from natural materials from different styles.Special and high-quality pieces with great durability.

Without a doubt, MDM has exceeded our expectations by creating unique atmospheres at all our events. Excellent service and 100% recommended!

Jessica Calle Wedding & Event Planner

Since the start Pati understood how I wanted my dream wedding to look like. I give her a 10 out of 10 in both decoration and furniture. If I were to remarry, I would trust her without a single doubt. The best Wedding Planner that I could’ve asked for.


Pati shaped our wedding and perfectly understood what we wantºed ! She gave us confidence, security and reassurance, and the result was more than positive, it was absolutely amazing! Thank you for your patience, kindness and support at any time of the day! I would remarry every single day!